About Protrade International One Member Co., Ltd

About us

1. Project Introduction

Strategically located in Ben Cat, Binh Duong Province, the 500 hectare Protrade International Tech Park (PITP), used to be Ascendas Protrade Singapore Tech Park, consists of six phases specially designed to integrate complete clusters of business infrastructure. The park is built in accordance with International-standard quality utilities and infrastructure, a central waste water treatment plant, utilities and amenities. The inclusion of commercial clusters creates a vibrant business environment to give you an outstanding work-live-play-learn experience.

Protrade Corporation fully owned and managed PITP since 14 December 2016.

2. Protrade Corporation

Established from 1982, Protrade Corporation is a state-owned company with 10,000 employees. Protrade's core business covers the following sectors:

Food and Beverage - Dutch Lady VietNam Food and Beverage Company;
Healthcare - Hanh Phuc International Hospital;
Leisure and Entertainment - Song Be Golf Resort and Twin Doves Golf Resort;
Real Estate - Protrade International Tech Park;
Wood processing and Furniture Manufacturing;
Textile and Garment;
Logistic Park - YCH Singapore-Protrade.

Protrade also has business engagements with their Korean, Singaporean and Laos partners in rubber plantation, golf resorts, logistic park and turf club projects.

For further understanding of Protrade Corporation’s Sector, please visit www.protrade.com.vn